Don’t let your belt be basic

This is cowhide elevated to an art form

Handmade from start to finish

Built to ride the years in style


Unsaddled belts are made by hand from a solid strap of full-grain carving leather. The leather is cut and punched, tooled and carved, molded, oiled, dyed, antiqued, and finished by hand in the artist’s studio. 

-Belts come in three widths. Dress Belts are 1.25", Denim Belts are 1.5" wide, Ranch Belts are 1.75" wide.

-All belts are made-to-order in the length, pattern, color, and hardware of your choosing. 

-Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time as all items are 100% handmade in the artist’s studio, from first cut to final finish coat.

-Sustainable and eco-conscious: We source our carving hide from Wickett & Craig - one of two natural tanneries left in the US. This means the leather is sourced sustainably from US slaughterhouses and tanned with Oak tannins only, no Chromium or other additives.

-Our leather begins raw and is hand-finished in six steps - each piece is oiled, dyed, resisted, antiqued, burnished, and top-coated using natural, water-based dye and finishes. We use Bee Natural, Fenice, Eco-Flo, and Tokonole in our finishing process.

2 products

2 products